[Spread-users] Group communication on Spread

ARVIND SHEKHAR shekhar.uvce at gmail.com
Wed May 13 01:32:39 EDT 2009


Im new to Spread and would be thankful if someone directs me on how
to establish communication between group on two different system.

I aws able to do the following,
1. I configured the Spread daemon with the IP addresses of two
systems(System 1 and System 2) .
2. I ran Spread  daemon with same configurations on both the systems
3. I created a group on System 1 with a group name Test.
4.  I created a group on System 2 with a group name Test
5. I sent a message to group Test from System 1. The message is received
only on group Test of system 1.

How do i get the message to be received on group Test on System 2.
Are there any configuration changes i need to make.

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