[Spread-users] Spread 4.0.1rc1 release

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at spread.org
Fri Jun 5 12:02:25 EDT 2009

A first release candidate of the upcoming Spread 4.0.1 release is now available
for download at our website:


Select the spread-src-4.0.1rc1.tar.gz version for download. 

The status of the release is that the code is stable and includes all of 
the bugfixes I am aware of. I would anticipate only a few source code 
changes before the final release to support portablity to different 

If you have any other code changes or fixes that you would like to 
include please send patches to the mailing list in the next few days.

The Spread website still needs to be updated, and the new release notes 
still need to be written before the final release.


Jonathan Stanton         jonathan at spread.org
Spread Group Messaging   www.spread.org
Spread Concepts LLC      www.spreadconcepts.com

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