[Spread-users] detecting network outages

Matt Garman matthew.garman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 18:18:14 EDT 2009

Does anyone have any techniques or ideas for consistently detecting
a network outage, and then automatically re-establishing spread
communications once connectivity is restored?

Say I have two hosts, S and R.  I have a spread daemon running only
on host R.  Host S has a program that is sending messages to R via
the daemon running on R.  Host R has a program that is listing to
messages via its local spread daemon.

ASCII graphic of the scenario for those of you using fixed width

+------------------+                     +----------------+
| Host R           |-------network-------| Host S         |
+------------------+                     +----------------+
| receiver program |                     | sender program |
+------------------+                     +----------------+
| spread daemon    |

How can the programs on both R and S reliably detect when there is a
network failure between R and S?

In testing this scenario, I cannot figure out how I can get spread
to tell me if the network is down.


Thank you,

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