[Spread-users] New to spread and got some problems

Tobias Stocker tobias.stocker at ch.netstream.com
Thu Jan 29 07:31:22 EST 2009

Hy there,

I'm new to spread and I'd like to build up some kind of partial mysql replication with faultolerance. So, I started to check things out and have some problems with the setup, or configuration, or maybe just with understanding how things work.

I configured two hosts with spread 3.17.4 on Debian Lenny and configured a Spread segment with my two servers x.y.z.10 and x.y.z.20. I can start spread, connect with the spuser command to the local and the remote daemon, so this works fine for me, at least so far.

I connect on both machines to the local daemon with spuser and join the group test. I expected to see the joins and sent messages on both hosts, but instead the messages are only delivered localy. Shouldn't the daemon on host A forward the messages to host B if the clients are in the same group? Multicasting works, there is no firewall or router, so I was just wondering if I understand the way how spread works right. In the manuals and docs I can't find anything thereto, so I suggest this should work "out of the box".

Thanks in advance and best regards.


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