[Spread-users] Header inclusion

Philippe Bertin philippe.bertin at telenet.be
Tue Dec 15 15:02:53 EST 2009

Hello all,

As I am *starting* to understand the ins and outs of the spread package,
I ask myself if it has never really bothered anyone that header
inclusion to use (and compile/develop) the package is (imho) rather
puzzling (maybe not even the exact word, but my English isn't that
fine-grained either) at some times.

I would tend to say that everything that uses the spread library
(whether or not using threads) like e.g. spread, the client programs,
monitor, the test programs, ..., ... would include only 1 public header
file ("sp.h"). I think it makes little sense including e.g. only
"data_link.h" (to name just one example), if linking to libspread anyway
with your client program.

Would I be helping when providing a patch in this sense ? I don't want
to be intrusive, just want to be helping...

Kind regards,

Philippe Bertin aka PhB

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