[Spread-users] SP_error: (-6) Connection rejected, name not unique

Jonathan Stanton jonathan at spread.org
Wed Oct 29 17:14:32 EDT 2008

After looking at the logs from all three daemons I could see the exchange of messages and what the 
problem is:

Node t001 is the leader (first in config file). After all of the daemons find each other (with some 
probe packets) it starts a new token packet and sends it to t003 ( which receives it and 
sends the token to the next node (noc1 who then...

Node noc1 sends the token to t001 (as shown in log record below)

> DL_send: sent a message of 656 bytes to (,3334) on channel 5

But according to the log t001 never receives the token or it's resend (each node sends them twice to
avoid the loss of a token because of a single dropped packet)

Now if this just happened once, I'd say unlucky things happen and packets are lost -- no problem --
the protocol handles this by restarting a new membership after timing out on the old one (with
default timings this takes 10 seconds) -- however the exact same scenario happens again -- with noc1
sending the token to t001 who never gets it.

In the log this continues to happen until the end of the log. 

So is there some way that port 3334 is blocked on t001? (firewall?) Note Spread uses several port 
numbers and both the base port 3333 as well as 3334 must be open for UDP and TCP. 

If you don't see a firewall, then I'd attach a packet sniffer to port 3334 on t001 and see if it 
ever gets the token packets. If not then that's the problem and it must be something in the network 
between t001 and the other nodes (because even in the first membesrhip when ONLY t001 and t003 are 
alive (noc1 hasn't started yet) t001 fails to get the token) 

Spread assumes that if it can talk to the other daemons with it's probe messages, then the daemon is
alive and will also handle tokens. If that assumption is not true then Spread will not correctly
complete a membership. 

I hope this solves your problem. If you can't find a firewall or it appears that hte packets are 
getting delivered and spread is still failing then please let me know.


Jonathan Stanton         jonathan at spread.org
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