[Spread-users] spread delay problem

John Lane Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Fri Nov 7 13:15:15 EST 2008

All daemon-to-daemon traffic in Spread uses UDP.  

Spread does also use the two ports after the configured port.  I believe it
uses TCP/IP on the configured port for accepting user connections, UDP on
the configured port for data traffic, UDP on the configured port + 1 for
token traffic and UDP on the configured port + 2 for spmonitor commands.

If your token really is lost, then you will have to wait the Hurry_timeout
as that is the token recovery mechanism currently in Spread.


John Lane Schultz
Spread Concepts LLC
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Hi John,

Thx for the quick reply.
When i was looking at the logs i could see the token being requested and 
then sent, so in general i think the hurry request is working, maybe 
just ocasionaly its getting lost.
So the hurry request is sent via udp not tcp?

Also why the 2 following contiguous ports? does spread use them?

regards Adrian

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