[Spread-users] Multi homed configuration with spread

Rodrick Brown rodrick.brown at gmail.com
Thu May 29 14:57:05 EDT 2008


One of my servers has multiple interfaces that are being used for the same

External users connect over interface eth2 and my spread network is running
on eth1. Spread is configured on my system to use the Multi cast address which seems to be using device eth1 instead of eth2 .

eth1 is the default route for this server.

Other servers on my network is listening to multicast requests on eth2 -
eth2 is their default route is there anyway to specify which interface to
use for spread multicast traffic? In spread configuration?


My spread config looks like the following:

Spread_Segment {
        host1 { D C }
        host2 { D C }
        host3 { D C }

All the .31 addresses are defined on the dedicated address being used for
spread eth2

Please advise thanks.

[ Rodrick R. Brown ]
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