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Schere, David W. (DSCHERE) DSCHERE at arinc.com
Tue May 13 16:53:10 EDT 2008



My group has been using spread for the basis for a distributed system to
handle air traffic information for the past 2 years. I helped architect
this new system which replaces an old embedded system using a real time
operating system with a Linux cluster. The new architecture relies
heavily on spread so that the system can be broken up into tiny
applications sending messages to one another rather than the single
monolithic multithreaded application approach. This legacy system has
been in place since 1991 and handles nearly 80% of the world's
commercial air to ground traffic. The system new system we are building
is slowing moving functionality away from this system to a new
distributed model using a cluster of Linux systems.


I have been a developer of system level software for over 15 years and
have worked on real time, satellite communication software and
telephony. In that time I have yet to see anything quite like spread,
it's truly a great product. After using spread now for over 2 years I
have a few ideas for enhancements that would make your product better,
they are also on the wish list for our organization. Here are a few


1)       An API to allow more visibility into the spread daemon to
provide the following

a.       Utilization and members stats for each group, or all groups

b.       Number of messages and bytes latent within a group or all

An alarm mechanism so that a user specified message is sent to a group
if set limits for utilization are reached (to detect stuck applications)

2)       A better interface for SP_recv using structure instead of 9
parameters, it could be called SP_receive for backwards compatibility to
SP_Recv can be maintained.  

3)       Clean up the source code using Doxygen for comments. Also add
comments to the source code :)



BTW: Perhaps our group would be interested in training so we can use the
more advanced features of spread. 





Dave Schere




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