[Spread-users] Byte order mismatch

aleksi.lehtonen at kalmarind.com aleksi.lehtonen at kalmarind.com
Tue May 13 07:09:20 EDT 2008

I've been testing Spread Toolkit with two computers directly connected and
having problems with the byte order when running daemons. Both computers are in
the same LAN and have the following configuration:

Spread_Segment {
      linux             x.22.55.98
Spread_Segment {
      windows           x.22.55.10

When running the daemons, they both log:
Hash value for this configuration is: 2745035919

However, they both also log lines like this:
Net_recv: Received message (pkthdr_len = 36) from host 98.55.22.x with different
spread configuration file (hash 2414648739 != local hash 2745035919)

Well, the IP addresses appear to be backwards and the decimal number 2414648739
is 8F EC 9D A3 in hex and 2745035919 is A3 9D EC 8F, i.e. the byte order

Shouldn't Spread take care of MSB/LSB issues and obey some network order? Or is
the order somehow configurable?

Thanks in advance,

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