[Spread-users] Is there a way for a send-only client to detect that it's messages were received?

Allan Bailey allan at nefud.org
Mon Jun 30 16:54:36 EDT 2008

Dave Koberstein <davek at mojix.com> wrote:
>It seems like from your definition that there is only one receiver.  How 
>about if the receiver replies to the sender's private group - which is 
>basically a direct message back to the sender whether or not that sender 
>is subscribed to any groups.
>The sender could block waiting for the reply before disconnecting.

I was using spreadlogd, which just reads from a channel and logs to a
file. (AFAIK)

I just tried writing a single reader python script to replaced
spreadlogd.  It was able to receive most of the lines, of 10k lines
sent, it was able to log 9866 +/- 2 or 3 across several runs, with
spread daemons (3.17) on 2 hosts.  The scripts were run from 1 host,
connecting to the local host spread daemon.

When I ran with only 1 spread daemon, I was able to send and recieve all
the lines (messages).

So, I've now realized that I probably need to either tune or upgrade my
spread daemons.  I"m currently using the stock ubuntu spread daemons w/o


>One of my groups has essentially an RPC service.  The sender is 
>expecting information back in that case, however the pattern is 
>basically to send to a group to which it is not subscribed and then 
>block waiting for the reply.  It disconnects from spread after receiving 
>the reply.
>Allan Bailey wrote:
>> I'm considering considering using spreadlogd to receive log messages as
>> way to replace our current apache and application log file collection
>> mechanism.
>> I read a previous thread that mentioned that a client's messages will be
>> dropped on disconnect if they have not be acknowledged by all nodes in
>> the ring.
>> My test has been this:
>> 3 node ring.
>> client script that dumps a 10 million line logfile into a 'test' group.
>> Using python, and SpreadModule-1.5.  Connection is with
>> spread.RELIABLE_MESS, and no group membership.  Just multicast'ing to
>> the 'test' group.
>> spreadlogd that logs all lines sent to the 'test' group to a file.
>> At the end, i have 9.7m lines in the spreadlogd file.
>> My question:  is there some way for the client to detect that it should
>> wait for disconnect?  Or is there some convention for client disconnect?
>> So far from reading the spread and libsp man pages I have found nothing
>> that indicates there is a way to poll the ring to see if the messages
>> have been delivered.
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