[Spread-users] Failure Detection of members on same segment

Pilling, Michael Michael.Pilling at dsto.defence.gov.au
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I imaging your problem is running windows XP.
We had this problem. Spread is a highly efficient lazy protocol,
it doesn't send pings, only detecting failure on an attempt to send.
Windows XP doesn't detect cable disconnection, where as most other OS/s
You can fix this with a registry edit.
Thanks to Steve Duff for finding this fix.
"Just to feed back a quick workaround to the list, Microsoft have
documented a method to disable the Media Sensing feature which causes
the problem with Spread under XP. You can find it here:




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Subject: [Spread-users] Failure Detection of members on same segment

I'm having a problem with failure detection on members that are
configured on the same segment.

This is my scenario:

I Have two different nodes connected to the same daemon that is hosted
on one of the nodes. 

When, for example, the network cable from the node, that is not hosting
the daemon, is disconnected, the other node is not notified about this
failure and the disconnected node freezes when trying to send a message.

Some suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

ps. If the nodes are connected to different daemons then the
notifications are going ok (it detects a network partition).


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