[Spread-users] Loosing SAFE_MESS messages??

Torsten Curdt tcurdt at vafer.org
Thu Jun 19 14:37:21 EDT 2008

> I assumed you had one sender and one receiver and that the sender
> was not a member of the destination group.

Indeed it seems my problem is that my sender is also part of the group.

>  What John is pointing
> out is that if your sender is a member of the group it's sending to,
> then as a member of the group, it will receive all the messages it
> sends to that group.  Therefore, either the sender should use

Ah ...I see.

> or it should not join the group in the first place


> (you don't have to be a member of a group to send to it).  Otherwise,
> the messages will pile up and the daemon will disconnect the sender.

Cool! Thanks for the help guys. I am sure that will solve it.

Will report back tomorrow.


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