[Spread-users] Problem with communicating between 2 computers

ADAM PETER BEARDSLEY abeardsley at wisc.edu
Tue Jun 10 13:47:46 EDT 2008

I'm new to spread, and I'm doing some experimenting to get a couple computers to talk to each other.
I can run the daemon just fine on each machine separately, and have different processes send and receive messages between each other (using spuser, as well as a simple program I wrote to get used to the C API).
The problem occurs when I try to get the daemons to recognize each other.
Here is what my config file looks like (identical on both machines):

Spread_Segment {

Both daemons load successfully, but I get the following message on machine1:

Configuration at machine1 is:
Num Segments 1
              1      4803

and a similar message on machine2 with the corresponding IP.
Then when I run spuser, the machines don't seem to recognize that the other exists.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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