[Spread-users] Regarding Group masking

Jeremy James jbj at forbidden.co.uk
Tue Jun 10 10:29:38 EDT 2008

Gurvinder Singh wrote:
> Jeremy James wrote:
>> Gurvinder Singh wrote:
>>> I am trying to make and DHCP-like service through spread for a lab, i am
>>> wondering if there is any method through which we can make to get reply
>>> from one of the server out of server group, it can be any and not the
>>> same always. like client request for ip address from the server group,
>>> client will get only one ip and if all the server will receive the
>>> message as it is in general with connection.multicast(msg). so all of
>>> them try to reply to client. i am asking is there any other method to
>>> communicate like in other group communication system Jgroup we have
>>> keyword @Anycast in which only one of the server will reply not all. i
>>> will appreciate any help in this regard.
>> The group membership is consistently ordered on all clients - make the
>> 'server' client see if it is the first in the list on any membership
>> change and only reply to requests while this is the case.
> Thanx jeremy for replying. if i got you right then in this case only
> first server in the list will reply and become loaded with all the
> request while other server will not serve.

That is correct - if this is load intensive, then you could imagine a
self-enforced round-robin system, where clients see if they should
handle the request based on (request_num since last membership change
MOD #servers in group).


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