[Spread-users] Cant makw two nodes comunnicate

Witold Kręcicki witold.krecicki at firma.o2.pl
Fri Jun 6 15:57:15 EDT 2008

Friday 06 June 2008 21:35:31 Pavel Georgiev napisał(a):
> I`ve run tcpdump and I see that when I start spread it sends few
> broadcasts and they are recieved on the other node but nothing happens
> (like there is noone listening on that port while in fact spread
> listens on After the initial broadcasts eack pread
> nodes starts to send itslelf messages on the loopback interface but
> never tries to querry the other node again.
Try strace on the daemon to see if it's really receiving those packets.
Check if maybe you have a firewall enabled.

Witold Kręcicki

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