[Spread-users] Apache Logs sent using spread.

Babu, Suresh Suresh.Babu at corp.aol.com
Wed Jun 4 07:32:39 EDT 2008

    I have a sender application(similar to cronolog) which sends the log
messages from Apache to Spread daemon.
I have a receiver application which receives messages from the spread
daemon (Both communicate using a common group).
I have few question regarding this.
1) Can you suggest a better application which can recieve log messages
from multiple Apache servers and log them into a central repository.
    It has to be reliable and fault tolerant like spread.
2) I connect to a spread daemon running on a partcular system. I would
like to know, what happens when the spread daemon itself dies.
    Is there a way the communication still happen between the sender and
receiver through a different daemon automatically. If it can, can you
suggest how?
3) In a spread_segment of the configuration we have multiple IP
addresses of different daemons.
    ex:-  spread_segment {
    However, A sender through the API's has to explicitly connect to a
single daemon on a system. I am curious as to why we have multiple
systems in a spread segment. 
Any help is appreciated.
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