[Spread-users] small bug and questions

Lobiv Igor Igor.Lobiv at sitronicsts.com
Fri Jan 18 05:16:46 EST 2008




int SP_connect_timeout(


      host_address = ( (i1 << 24 ) | (i2 << 16 ) | (i3 << 8) | i4 ); // bug here


under win32 on AMD Athlon XP 2800+ it is not work...

If string for connect is 3333 at

TCP connection goes to port 3333, IP, but it is expected ""


I suggest use instead:

host_address = htonl(( (i1 << 24 ) | (i2 << 16 ) | (i3 << 8) | i4 ));





1)       How works message synchronization - i.e. if someone sends message(MSG) to group with two members M1 and M2 is message arrived in the same time to both members or asynchronously?

2)       As I understand a message stays in some queue on spread demon(s) until all spread users in group received it. Is it true? How I can manipulate this queue - measure max load, change size, add "expired time"?

3)       How I can change the "strategy of delivery"? For example I want to implement load sharing in the group with two members M1 and M2. Odd messages process M1, even messages process M2. 


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