[Spread-users] Java - connection closed while reading data

Christopher Browne cbbrowne at ca.afilias.info
Tue Feb 5 18:48:42 EST 2008

"John Lister" <john.lister-spread at kickstone.com> writes:
> Hi, i have a simple spread network consisting of 2 daemons and a pair of applications talking to them (via localhost).
> One application sends messages to the network while the other (an application server) receives them and places them into a durable message queue to be processed
> later.
> I'm just doing some performance tests and at about 100-200 messages a second, the received dies with an exception
> "Connection closed while reading data".
> I've noticed some similar messages on the forum from a few years ago... Is this still an issue or has it been resolved, is there any way of finding out what/why is
> causing the connection to die, i've tried to turn on debugging messages in the daemon but it is like looking or a pin in a haystack because of the amount of log
> messages generated.
> The app server is able to "process" the messages from spread fast enough, so i don't think that is the issue.
> Any hints?

Hmm.  We're seeing much the same condition here...

Scenario is similar, albeit with somewhat higher numbers...

 - Created a client that is encoding messages in ASN.1 format;

 - It throws those messages at a Spread group (actually, where there is just 1 spread daemon which is running on a *remote* box)

 - A "message processor" then subscribes to the Spread group, grabs the messages, decodes them (from ASN.1), and then spits out messages.

It *appears* like a load issue; when the client is set up to throw
5000 messages, as fast as it can, the message processor tends to fall
over, with "Connection closed while reading data."

It's not happening at any fixed location in the message stream; when
it happens varies quite a bit.  Oh, and occasionally, it happens in a
different spot: "Connection closed while reading header".

I'm guessing that some resource is getting overrun.  Not at all sure

In a way, it's an unfair case; we're throwing messages at the bus as
hard as we can, at this stage of development.  This may be how things
break down when a reader can't handle the message volume.  It would be
good to know that for sure, though.
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