[Spread-users] Broadcast UDP messages will flood network and decrease performance

John Robinson jr at vertica.com
Fri Feb 1 10:52:47 EST 2008

Treading a little off the list, but John started it ;-)...

John Schultz wrote:
> A trickier problem occurs when the membership of the group changes 
> around the time of a send.  
> A similar problem is that
> daemons trying to recover message A for daemon #1 may also have the 
> incorrect view of him and will answer his requests with the wrong 
> version.  So, maybe once Daemon #1 incorrectly gets the meta version he 
> will have to re-request the full version explicitly somehow.

Would it be better if the recovers always sent full messages?  Assuming 
holes are rare the incremental cost over optimal would not be too great.


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