[Spread-users] Multicast after dynamic configuration

Mike Nuss mike at terascala.com
Thu Aug 21 17:25:23 EDT 2008



I'm trying to get dynamic configuration to work in Spread and I've run into some quirky behavior.  The symptom is that if I have a single host listed in the configuration file, then add a new host, issue the reload command using spmonitor, and start Spread on the new host, the first host does not see any messages from the second host.  If I then restart Spread on the first host, everything starts working properly.


My suspicion (without looking at the code) is that Spread doesn't listen on the multicast address (I'm using if there is only a single entry in the config file.  However, after the reload, it *should* start listening on that address, since there are now two entries.  If it doesn't, then it can't communicate with the other host unless the daemon is restarted.


To test this theory, I added a dummy entry to the original config file, so I'm now going from 2 to 3 daemons instead of from 1 to 2.  The reconfiguration works flawlessly now.  Is this just a coincidence, or is my suspicion correct?  Is this a bug in Spread or is it expected behavior?




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