[Spread-users] Basic question about communication between daemons

Mr antback antback at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 08:09:07 EDT 2008

Hi all,
I have some doubts about how spread works. I have two machines

spread.conf (same on both nodes):

Spread_Segment {

Trying to comunicate both, I run this command on host2:

goodfood at host2>  ./spuser -s 4803
Spread library version is 4.0.0
User: connected to 4803 with private group #user#host2

and join the group "monitor". Now here is the doubt. If on the host1 I
connect like this:

goodfood at host1> ./spuser -s 4803

joining the group "monitor" and sending a message, host2 doesn't receive the
but instead if I connect like this:

goodfood at host1> ./spuser -s 4803 at host2

It works. Is this the expected behaviour? I supposed that every daemon
communicates with each others.
Where could it be the problem?
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