[Spread-users] Bug in spread - message counter

Witold Kręcicki witold.krecicki at firma.o2.pl
Tue Apr 8 08:31:16 EDT 2008

Monday 07 April 2008 17:05:28 John Lane Schultz napisał(a):
> I can think of two short term work arounds that are less invasive
> than changing the counters to 64b.  The first, and easiest, would be
> to simply cause a network membership, administratively using spmonitor,
> if/when the counters approach approximately 2^30, or if you like to
> live dangerously, approximately 2^31.  Doing this should be far less
> work than waiting for the lock up and then administratively having to
> reboot your entire system.
And how to do this using spmonitor?
Witold Kręcicki

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