[Spread-users] Causal and Agreed messages

Ryan Caudy rcaudy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 19:22:04 EDT 2007

Hi Daniel,

The CAUSAL and AGREED guarantees apply globally across all messages,
not simply within a given group.


On 9/26/07, Daniel Marques <marques77 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> Does Spread impose any ordering constraints on CAUSAL or AGREED
> messages sent to different groups -- specifically, if process A sends
> m1 to G1, and then m2 to G2, is there some way to guaranteed that
> process B (a member of both G1 and G2) would receive them in the order
> they were sent?
> Is a connection's private group treated the same a general group in
> these regards?
> Thanks so much for your help.
> Dan
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