[Spread-users] Are all group messages sent to all servers?

Jim Kleckner jek-spread at kleckner.net
Thu Sep 20 12:19:56 EDT 2007

John Lane Schultz wrote:
> I believe that all messages, including ones to private groups, go to all
> daemons right now.  There has been talk of optimizing this behavior to
> only send meta-messages to all daemons and send the actual messages
> only to those daemons that need them, but this work has not yet been
> done.
Hm.  This is a big deal.

One of the key beauties of spread is the way that it
federates multiple remote LAN segments.  It is a huge
simplification if local traffic stays local and remote traffic
is replicated only if needed.  It would let you use one
configuration and set of servers for a variety of
simultaneous communication strategies.

At the least, private group messages should be optimized.

How hard is this type of optimization, both for private
and for not-private?

Is there a funder out there that would like to engage
Spread Concepts to work on it?  About how
much would it cost to fund?

Cheers - Jim

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