[Spread-users] Connection reset using Java API

John Lister john.lister-spread at kickstone.com
Wed Sep 19 06:36:04 EDT 2007

Hi, i have a simple java app that connects to the spread network sending messages using multiple threads. Between them the threads on average send approx 1 message a second, but occasionally simulate bursting behaviour (but never more than about 10 messages at a time). However after approx 10300 messages or almost exactly 3hrs each thread gets a "connection reset" error. Is there something in spread that limits continuous connections to 3hrs and if so can i change it, or is something else going on. The messages are all being consumed so there shouldn't be a buffer full problem.

I can detect the reset and open a new connection, but it seems odd that the connection is closed especially as it is via the local loop interface.

Any suggestions


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