[Spread-users] Fwd: Terminating a daemon

Daniel Marques marques77 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 13:45:55 EST 2007

Hi All.

I have two (quick) questions regarding daemon termintation.

1. It is possible to cleanly terminate a daemon in a non interactive
manner?  Is there a command line tool, or a signal that can be
manually sent, to terminate the daemon.

If I terminate with SIGKILL, I sometimes need to manually delete
/tmp/4803 before a daemon can be restarted.

2. Can someone explain "Monitor safe mode", and how to turn it off.

When I use spmonitor to terminate, the demon generate the following output

Net_recv: Request to set partition or kill daemons from
(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) denied. Monitor in safe mode

even though spmonitor is also running from that IP address.



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