[Spread-users] Distributed Autonomous Replication Management with Spread

Hein Meling hein.meling at uis.no
Tue Nov 6 03:43:59 EST 2007

Hello all

I would like to announce a project called DARM that we have created  
which builds on/extends Spread. The project is about automatic fault  
treatment (recovery from failures); that is if a replica crashes (or  
gets partitioned) new replica(s) will be installed on alternative  
machines to ensure a configured redundancy level is maintained without  
any human intervention.

Details about the project as well as the source code can be found  
here: http://darm.ux.uis.no/

With respect to DARM, we would very much like to perform more rigorous  
tests with real applications/scenarios. Therefore, I wonder if there  
are anyone who have an application that we could use to perform  
measurements/tests on with respect to the recovery performance of  
DARM. So far we have only used a simple echo application for this  
purpose. (if the code is closed source, we will obviously not  
distribute it or otherwise use it for other purposes than performance  

If you have comments, wishes or other feedback, please send them to: hein.meling at uis.no

Kind regards,

  :) Hein Meling
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