[Spread-users] Thrudb - Document Oriented Database Services

Jake Luciani jake at 3.rdrail.net
Mon Nov 5 20:43:56 EST 2007


I'm writing to announce the open source release of a project I've built
which incorporates spread.


Thrudb is a set of simple services built on top of Facebook's Thrift
that provides indexing and document storage services for building and
scaling websites.
Its purpose is to offer web developers flexible, fast and easy-to-use
which can enhance or replace traditional data storage and access layers.

*Thrudb Features:*

   - Client libraries for most languages
   - Multi-master replication
   - Incremental backups and redo logging
   - Multiple storage backends (S3 included)
   - Built for horizontal scalability
   - Simple and powerful search api (Lucene)


I've also written up a blog post about it here <http://3.rdrail.net/blog>

Spread provides multi-master replication with atomic writes.
I've used this to deploy my site reliably on Amazon EC2.


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