[Spread-users] Lost RELIABLE message with flooder

Jeffrey Mak jmobile3-bigcom at yahoo.com.hk
Thu May 31 22:20:52 EDT 2007

I'm a novice to the spread toolkit. 
Today, i've been trying the flooder and the spuser example with the following command.
Both terminals are on the same machine. Sharing the single spread daemon.

Receive terminal
$spuser -u read1
User> j flooder

Flooding terminal
$spflooder -u out -m 5000 -b 10

Some of the message had been lost (i.e. the receive terminal did not get 5000 reliable messages. I've added a counter in the user.c to count every "received RELIABLE message from..." Sometimes, the receive terminal receives only 4000 something messages. Sometimes it can receive all 5000 messages. What does it mean? Am i using it incorrectly?

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