[Spread-users] Memb_token_loss: bug

Clotho Tsang wytsang at clustertech.com
Fri Mar 30 02:55:24 EDT 2007

I have met similar situation before.

I am using spread 4.0.0 on RHEL4 update 2 and Fedora 3.
Sometimes when I reload spread with spmonitor, I meet this error message
and spread is stopped:
Memb_token_loss: bug !!! state is 2

The error usually occurs when there are messages passing on spread, and
I reload spread. The error occurs about 6 out of 10 times.

Adam Grossman wrote:

>i am trying to reload the daemon config.  when i just have two daemons running 
>on two seperate machines, the reload using spmonitor works fine.  but when i 
>update the config for the two machines for a third machine (add a new node to 
>a segment), the deamon i reload the config for always gives me this message:
>"Memb_token_loss: bug !!! state is 4"
>what does this mean, and how can i avoid this so deamons do not crash?
>-=- adam grossman
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