[Spread-users] 100K limit on SP_multicast

Danish Ahmed danish_ahmed90 at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 25 07:43:02 EDT 2007


In scatter.h a macro is defined as  MAX_SCATTER_ELEMENTS 100. You have to 
increase this value according to your maximum message size. The total 
message size can be   (  MAX_SCATTER_ELEMENTS * 1440). Now you can calculate 
your appropriate value for this macro according to your max message size.

Best Regards
Danish Ahmed

Sami M wrote:
>  >Currently /SP_multicast/ can support messages sizes up to ~100Kbytes. 
>See the Spread mailing list for more discussions on this topic and how to 
>increase this limit..
>With regards to SP_multicast 100K limit. How can I increase this & is there 
>a max limit to which I can increase it to. I will need to exchange message 
>with sized ~100M. Is there any issues concerning this. I am evaluating 
>spread 4.0 for use as a message passing lib in a java/c distributed hybrid 
>app. Platform is linux_x86. Would appreciate any help.

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