[Spread-users] producer/consumer queue via spread.

Allan Bailey allan at nefud.org
Tue Mar 20 19:01:43 EDT 2007

John Lane Schultz <jschultz at spreadconcepts.com> wrote:
>That solution only works if no one else is sending to the group and you have 
>group membership turned off.
>If you really want just a producer, with no reads, then the most simple and 
>efficient route is to simply not SP_join to the group.

Yes, this works for the producer, but now the consumer also dies after a bit.

I've tried having the consumer also send messages, but it still dies.


>Nico Meyer wrote:
>> Alternatively you could set the SELF_DISCARD flag when sending.
>> On Tuesday 20 March 2007 21:56:57 John Lane Schultz wrote:
>>> This should only happen if you're producer became a member of the group by
>>> SP_join()'ing to it.
>>> Spread allows you to send to a group without joining to it.
>>> Allan Bailey wrote:
>>>> I'm trying to develop a simple producer and consumer pair, and have run
>>>> into something I cannot find in the docs.
>>>> My producer just spews messages to the group, and the consumer just reads
>>>> them.
>>>> The problem:  the producer gets killed after a few thousand message if it
>>>> does not also read the messages.
>>>> Can someone point me to the docs where this is explained?
>>>> Or, does anyone have a good example of a producer/consumer queue?
>>>> I'm using the spread python module for this development.
>>>> thanks,
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>>>> Allan
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