[Spread-users] group buffering and update on Python wrapper for Spread

Amelie Mercier superamelie at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 10:02:20 EST 2007


Anyone known what is the status of the Python wrapper written by
tim_one? Last CVS commit is 19 months old.

Also, anyone could give me some insight about my setup. I'm working on
an information collector, so there is a couple of agents who are doing
scheduling, data storage, request planing. At first it was a monolitic
application. Now, I've basicaly added a Spread layer to each class of
my application.

Anyone have some example of group buffering? i.e. if one of my agents
must go down for some reason, what would you suggest for buffering
events directed to that agent? I known it's very application specific,
I'm just curious. :)


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