[Spread-users] Feature interaction between Spread service types

Pilling, Michael Michael.Pilling at dsto.defence.gov.au
Fri Jun 29 03:52:35 EDT 2007


I'm wondering if anyone could tell me how interleaving FIFO, CAUSAL,
AGREED and SAFE messages works.

I'm developing an application level protocol and would like to use the
cheapest primatives possible.
Generally for most of the protocol I'd naturally choose either CAUSAL or
AGREED, but I am wondering if I do
a series of these and then do a SAFE message, will the SAFE message
flush out all the undelivered CAUSAL and AGREED
messages and then deliver the SAFE message? I.e. does spread provide any
guarantees across these types?

Also I'm assuming
FIFO implements fbcast
CAUSAL implements cbcast
AGREED implements cabcast
and wonder if I'm correct. Also is SAFE an dynamically safe
implementation of gbcast, and does it provide an order consistant with

Thanks for your help.


Dr Michael Pilling
C3I Division
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Edinburgh SA 5111
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email: Michael.Pilling at dsto.defence.gov.au

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