[Spread-users] Increasing MAX_GROUP_NAME causes problems, defined twice... and different

Brad Larson blarson at crary.com
Fri Jul 20 08:38:12 EDT 2007

Compiled from  spread-src-3.17.4  (I'm not using 4.x because I'm also 
using the SpreadModule with python on linux and windows)

I would like to increase MAX_GROUP_NAME from 32 to 64. In searching the 
archives I have found the following question on (that was never answered).

       Fri Feb 3 12:24:36 EST 2006
       [Spread-users] Increasing the MAX_GROUP_NAME and/or the   

Looking at the code it appears that MAX_GROUP_NAME is defined twice!

In sp.h
    #define         MAX_GROUP_NAME          64   /* was 32 */

in spread_params.h

    #define         MAX_PRIVATE_NAME        10 /* largest possible size 
of private_name field of SP_connect() */
    #define         MAX_PROC_NAME           20   /* largest possible 
size of process name of daemon */
    #define         MAX_GROUP_NAME           
                                   /* #private_name#proc_name  including 
the null */

With MAX_PRIVATE_NAME and MAX_PROC_NAME defined as listed they happen to 
match the original MAX_GROUP_NAME at 32.
Ensuring that both definitions match the largest of the two definitions 
appears be the best course.  Will this break anything else I'm not 

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