[Spread-users] On deactivating the Spread Daemon Ethernet, spread daemon gets killed ...

Vipul Shinde vipulshinde at rediffmail.com
Wed Jul 11 01:24:58 EDT 2007


I am new to spread, I am currently working on a product which uses spread for its redundancy  module.

Spread version used : 1.0 is been used for redundancy module.

I run spread daemon on two different Linux boxes 
Say Node1, Node2

Node1Process and SpreadDaemon1 run on same Node1 which has two NIC cards.
Node1Process runs on IP address  
SpreadDaemon1 runs on IP address 

Node2Process and SpreadDaemon2 run on same Node2 which has two NIC cards.
Node2Process runs on IP address
SpreadDaemon2 runs on IP address 

Now if I deactivate the SpreadDaemon1 Ethernet i.e using neat tool on linux box.  SpreadDaemon1 gets killed (gracefully exits).

Is this an known behavior of spread daemon version 1.0  ?

Can you provide me some information as to why is spread daemon gets killed in such a scenario ?

- Vipul 


Vipul Shinde
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