[Spread-users] Question about behavior on network merge

Uma Chingunde umac at jhu.edu
Tue Jul 3 18:35:14 EDT 2007


I had a question about the way membership messages are delivered to spread
groups after a network merge.
This came up as a result of trying to think of a method for synchronizing
state among group members after a network merge.
For e.g.
If there exists a group with 3 members {A, B, C}.
A partition occurs with members now {A, B} and {C}
A message m is sent in Agreed order in group {A,B}
At some point a merge occurs with membership now being {A,B,C}
The way I think it works, is that message m could either be delivered to all
members before the group view change or after so could be delivered to
either {A,B} or {A,B,C}. Is this correct?
If so, is it possible that C will receive message m before it sees the
membership change for the merge?
Or will the membership change always be the first message it receives before
receiving any other messages from the new members?

I am essentially trying to ensure that new members to a group do not start
seeing messages sent to that group before they are done synching with other
members. But I do not want to use the Flush APIs since I will need the Open
Group semantics.

Thanks for your time.

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