[Spread-users] multicast or broadcast?

Jacob Green jgreen at spreadconcepts.com
Wed Feb 21 11:52:30 EST 2007

Daemons communicate via UDP.  They can use unicast, multicast, or broadcast.
This is specified in the spread.conf file.  Communication within a Spread
segment is done by multicast or broadcast, as you set the multicast or
braoadcast address here.  Communication between segments is done via unicast


Typically for a cluster using unicast, set the config file to have all the
machines in 1 segment, and set them to use a multicast address.




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when you've got a bunch of spread daemons together in a partition, how do
they communicate with each other?  udp, broadcast, or multicast?  how is the
determination made?

given the particular uses i have in mind, on a network of linux computers,
our particular situation would be best suited to multicast.  is there a way
we can force the daemons to communicate in that way?


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