[Spread-users] use a static lib, get rid of .so?

Allen Brunson abrunson at landmarkdigital.com
Fri Feb 9 08:44:52 EST 2007

hello spread users,

i casually looked through the mailing list archives, but didn't see any questions like this.

i am evaluating spread for potential use in a project.  i wrote a bunch of test code on macosx to figure out the api.  so far, so good.  but actual full-scale deployment would take place on linux machines, so i tried recompiling my code over there.  it builds okay, but when i try to run the resultant program, this is the message i get:

  error while loading shared libraries: libspread.so: cannot open shared object file:
  No such file or directory

i suppose i could figure out why the program can't find libspread.so, but i don't want to do that.  i'd rather build a program that links against libspread.a and does not require any shared objects at all.  if we end up using spread, it will be deployed on hundreds of linux machines.  i don't want to have to install libraries on all those machines.  that's how i *thought* i'd built the program, but apparently not.  i just used -lspread on the link line, and there is a libspread.a available, so i figured that's what it would link against.

i built spread 4.0.0 from source and installed it on a suse linux box myself.  can anybody tell me how to either a) build it only as a .a lib, rather than a .so lib, or b) how to link my program so that it doesn't require the .so?


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