[Spread-users] suitability for embedded systems

Christopher Friedt cfriedt at visible-assets.com
Wed Dec 19 15:56:35 EST 2007


I'm currently writing my own light-weight distributed lock manager and 
my manager suggested that I should look at spread.

I need to lock a shared resource in a building with computers on the 
same LAN - specifically I'm locking a radio frequency.

Network latency can be assumed to be very small.

Only one node is allowed to transmit / receive on the radio frequency at
one time (those that are in some proximity to each other).

I've read the paper here:
and it seems to be quite appealing.

- I'm limited to <1MB of storage, will spread fit?
- does spread require libg++.so ? (I am only working with C)
- will the configure script be fixed for cross-compilation?



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