[Spread-users] message reliability

John Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Mon Aug 27 12:21:18 EDT 2007

The only way to know *for sure* under all scenarios is for your 
application to send explicit ACKs of message receipt.

However, most applications don't really need such a strong level of 
knowledge.  Most applications can simply assume that if the nodes are in 
the same membership, then they are receiving the same messages, which is 
usually true unless they crash or a network partition occurs.  Then nodes 
can conduct some kind of reconciliation after a membership change if you 
need better knowledge of who actually received what.


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On Sun, 26 Aug 2007, Adam Grossman wrote:

> hello.
> i apologize if this question has been answered, but i could not find the
> answer anywhere.
> if i send a message to a group with 6 nodes, and for whatever reason, only 4
> nodes receive it, is there a way i can find out that which two nodes did not
> receive the message?  and that message specifically?
> i am using spread 4.0
> thank you,
> -=- adam grossman
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