[Spread-users] Lamport timestamps?

Peter A. Friend pafriend at octavian.org
Thu Aug 23 17:37:04 EDT 2007

On Aug 23, 2007, at 1:50 PM, Alaric Snell-Pym wrote:

> Hi there,
> Implementing a replicated data storage system using Spread, I've had
> to implement my own Lamport timestamps for various reasons, but it
> occurs to me that there's probably one ticking away inside my local
> Spread daemon anyway. I've not yet looked in the source, but I'm
> considering the feasibility of exposing that time to the users of the
> daemon.

And this is also related to a question I posted earlier about how  
causal orders are currently implemented. From the book by Birman it  
seems you can use a logical timestamp but it takes a lot of messages  
to support a causal order. With vector timestamps there is more per- 
message overhead but fewer messages are needed to provide a causal  


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