[Spread-users] Binary messages

Glenn glenn at somanetworks.com
Wed Aug 22 10:04:23 EDT 2007

Ricardo Clemente wrote:
> I have been using spread to multicast log messages from servers.
> Now, I have another application in mind that will use spread to 
> multicast binary data and I´m wondering if there is any problem with that.
> Has anyone already use spread with binary messages? 


> Can anyone see any issue with that?


We have a complex event infrastructure based on the IBM Common Base 
Event specification written in C, and we use spread as the transport 
mechanism to get events from senders to subscribers.  For efficiency we 
serialize the event into a binary format before sending it; receivers 
obviously deserialize the event.  Arguably we could have serialized it 
into a text form for transparency over the wire, but we went with the 
binary format as we were concerned about the volume of traffic when 
significant numbers of events are being generated.

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