[Spread-users] Daemon in Windows XP does not connect others inLinux machines.

Steve Duff Steve.Duff at vivista.sungard.com
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I currently have a mixed platform Spread 4 configuration running quite happily between XP-SP2 nodes and Fedora 7 nodes, so there's nothing fundamentally incompatible. It's probably a network configuration issue. What messages does your XP daemon print after it starts? - presumably it shows the spread segment(s) with only itself as a node.

In the first instance you could post your spread segment definitions from one of your spread.conf files (after you've ensured that they are identical in your XP and Linux versions - this is a constraint with Spread 4 and will stop the system working if they are not identical)


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I am using Spread 4.0 in Linux and Windows XP.
2 Daemons in Linux machines work fine, but  a daemon in XP does not work properly.
It did not connects others in Linux machines.
Thus, I am seeking some comments from your experience.
What kind of service pack or someting (settings..) is needed for installing or running a Spread daemon in Windows XP.
Your comments will be greatly appreciated.


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