[Spread-users] Clock skew and spread

Vsevolod Vlaskin vlaskine at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 30 21:21:32 EDT 2007


A while ago, we seemed to consistently see a similar
problem in our configuration, which was only one
Spread daemon with a number of clients all on the same
LAN on Linux. We used just FIFO ordering for all our
Spread clients.

A few times, the Spread communication failed
altogether: messages stopped being delivered (which
was quite tragic) and we noticed that our NTP service
did noticeable clock jumps at the time of failure.

We posted the question on this list, but there was no
reply. Maybe now there will be more response.

Best regards,

Vsevolod Vlaskine

--- John Robinson <jr at vertica.com> wrote:

> We lost our T1 connection to the world for a while
> today, and I think 
> some of our servers' clocks may have drifted (no
> internal NTP source...).
> Can this cause oddities among a subnet of spread
> daemons?  Do they have 
> to drop connections to their clients for reasons
> related to clock drift 
> amongst the host machines?  If so, is there some
> logging I can enable to 
> track this?
> I think I have seen similar things happen when we
> try to run spread 
> daemons on a "cluster" under VMWare, which is known
> to introduce clock 
> issues.
> thanks,
> /jr
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