[Spread-users] Is the spread my right choice?

John Lane Schultz jschultz at spreadconcepts.com
Mon Apr 30 10:50:46 EDT 2007

lanlan198388 wrote:
> hi
>    My project has a client-server architecture.And the client runs on 
> the Pocket PC(PDA).But the wireless network is unstable.So we need a 
> flexible reliable, asynchronous communication mechanism .When the 
> network is disconnected,the message sent by client or server will be 
> stored.Once the network is connected ,the message stored will be sent to 
> destination.
>    Is the spread my right choice? if the spread can do it ,how to do ?

Spread does not do persistent messaging.  Spread Concepts has a product called 
Congruity that does do persistent messaging over Spread, but I'm not sure it is 
appropriate for your needs.  If you are interested in discussing it, you can 
contact me directly or info at spreadconcepts.com


John Schultz
Spread Concepts LLC
Phn: 443 838 2200
Fax: 301 560 8875

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