[Spread-users] join protocol

Isabel Muñoz imunoz at eui.upm.es
Fri Apr 27 14:45:17 EDT 2007

I tried the following test using the fl_user.c example:
0. X is an empty group
1. process A joins group X
2. A receives a regular membership message
3. process B joins group X
4. A receives a flush request
5. A sends flush_ok
6. A blocks waiting for the new membership message
7. B receives the new membership message
8. A unblocks and receiving the membership message

It seems A doesn´t unblock (step 8) until B receives the regular 
membership message (step 7).
Why A depends on B for receiving the new membership message?
What is the order of membership message delivery for join?

Thanks in advance,

I. Muñoz.

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