[Spread-users] problem with non-root spread -l y

Thomas Seeling tseeling at de.ibm.com
Fri Apr 27 07:24:42 EDT 2007


I am starting with spread 4.0.0, and I want to configure to run the daemon 
The daemon starts fine, but then aborts with a strange error message.
I have added some more debug output to log.c and I found out that there's 
a status file in the daemon's directory.
This only occurs when the daemon is started with -l y. It runs fine if I 
leave out that switch.

in spread.conf I use:
RuntimeDir = /var/run
DaemonUser = spread
DaemonGroup = daemon

I had expected that logfiles, status files etc. are created in the runtime 
Obviously they are not.
Note that the entries are starting with UID==0, and then setuid() happens 
(spread is 13 on my system).
After the setuid call the spread user can no longer read the status file.
Is that a setup problem on my system?

070427-124020# Conf_load_conf_file: My name: server, id:, 
port: 4803
070427-124020# Log_init: using file: 
/home/ths/src/spread-src-4.0.0/daemon/server as 0
070427-124020# Log_alive: using file: 
/home/ths/src/spread-src-4.0.0/daemon/server as 0
Membership id is ( -1062706076, 1177670428)
070427-124027# --------------------
070427-124027# Configuration at server is:
070427-124027# Num Segments 1
070427-124027#  1   4803
070427-124027#          server        
070427-124027# ====================
070427-124027# Log_alive: using file: //server as 13
070427-124027# Log_alive: error (No such file or directory) could not open 
file server
Exit caused by Alarm(EXIT)

here is an excerpt from log.c. I have added a getcwd and getuid call in 
Log_init as well as Log_alive.

static  char    curdir[512];

void  Log_init()
  long  start_file_pos;
        proc    my;

  Is_inited = 1;

  my = Conf_my();
        strncpy( My_name, my.name, MAX_PROC_NAME);

Alarm( PRINT, "Log_init: using file: %s/%s as %d\n", 


static  void  Log_alive(int dummy, void *dummy_p)
  long  file_pos;

  if( !Is_inited ) return;
Alarm( PRINT, "Log_alive: using file: %s/%s as %d\n", 

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