[Spread-users] How to get list of connected users

Glenn glenn at somanetworks.com
Mon Apr 23 10:34:54 EDT 2007

Serg V. Gulko wrote:
> Yes, you right, I am receiving list of users... But how i can 
> get this list just after my first client connect? 

You have to join the group which you are sending messages to.  Once you 
join, you will get a membership message that indicates you have joined. 
  Its the same message every other client gets.

> I have service which expect some messages sends using Spread 
> and several clients. Problem is that I dont want to send 
> messages if server in down(or something like this:) ) thats why 
> i need list of connected users.

Umm... why bother?  Are you sending the message to each client in the 
group individually using their private group name?  Why not just send it 
to a single group which your clients join?

BTW, afaik you can't get a list of users connected to Spread, you can 
only determine who is a member of a group via membership messages.

I think you might need to explain your needs and design a bit more for 
us to be able to answer your questions.  Personally I don't see why you 
need the functionality you are looking for.

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